How can I NOT be the happiest waking up to a smiley puppy face and wagging tail? For those of you who don’t have a dog friend yet, or who are planning on gathering one to your family, you’ll be happy to hear that there are scientifically confirmed that there are benefits that dogs bring to our lives!

1. Dogs dramatically improve your mood! 

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Having enough time with your dog can help you feel better if you’re feeling bad. It helps you stay calm and relaxed. It also reduces stress and improves your mood. Playing with your German Shepherd helps to improve dopamine and serotonin levels that are the main causes of relaxation and happiness.

2. Having a pup might help decrease the risk of heart disease.

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Studies show that speaking with and petting your dogs are often joined by lower blood pressure, and that means a decreased risk for millions of different illnesses.

3. Step aside, cats! Dogs save children from some skin diseases and allergies.

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Kids who grow up with pups have a lower risk of having eczema than kids who have cats or no pets at all. Also, kids also evolve fewer pet allergies if they grow up with a dog.

4. Having a dog improves your physical health and motivates a healthy fitness routine.

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Of course! Your dog demands exercise every day, so you do it with him. Dog parents take the responsibility of playing with and working with their dogs. So that means that dog people tend to be more energetic.

5. People with dogs heal faster from sickness.

Dog parents have a much faster recovery from being ill than other people. People with dogs who suffered from heart diseases were twice as likely to fully heal than those without!

6. Kids with dogs in their homes are better in school

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We all know that children definitely love dogs, but science has shown that children from families with dogs have better school conduct because of better overall wellbeing and less illness from having a dog at home.

7. But wait, there’s more (for your kids)!

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Having a dog improves the kids’ self-esteem and also makes them grow up less stressed and anxious.

8. They are a human’s best friend.

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Due to their amazing sense of smell, hearing, and sight, dogs are extremely clever animals with faithfulness to their owners that is amazingly powerful. Dog owners will know–your dogs can feel human body language, emotions, and feelings.

9. They make excellent guard dogs.

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From being a little puppy, dogs learn to watch and focus on anything bad coming your way. The thief will probably go away after seeing a dog in the window. German Shepherd is one of the top guard dogs breeds.

10. Having a German Shepherd makes YOU more amazing!

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The liability, patience, loyalty, and commitment that dogs provide us makes us stronger, generally better people.

The relationship between dogs and people is a duo-way street. As said in the phrase, “Who rescued who?” and it’s surely something to think about. Dogs proved over the decades that they improve our physical and mental wellbeing, also the health of those around us.

Need I say more?

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