9 Signs Your German Shepherd is Actually Your “Baby”

9 Signs Your German Shepherd is Actually Your “Baby”

If you don’t have children, it doesn’t mean you don’t have the chance to cuddle with a cute baby. Your German Shepherd will be the big baby and here are the reasons:

1- The “dog bed” is so much better and more comfortable than your mattress.

After all, you can’t expect your own fur and flesh to sleep on anything less comfortable than a down-stuffed pillow, right?

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2- You make his birthday parties.

Sure, the good dog owner gives their beloved puppy a birthday every year, but an extreme dog lover makes his pup seven of them each year. Anyway, German Shepherds have their own schedules to keep. Bonus points for you if you make a dog-friendly birthday cake.

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3- You doubt your dog’s ability to walk.

.. As you always carry them.  If you’re in the habit of letting your pup cuddle on your lap, putting them into your bad, or carting him in the dog stroller, you’ve got an original pet-child is your responsibility.

4- You hire photographers.

You can not leave your beloved dog out of location long. So, you have lovely headshots perfectly taken of her.

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5- You introduce yourself as your pet’s parent.

You always say that you are the mother or father of your German Shepherd, not the owner of them.

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6- You visit the spa.

..umm not for you! You take your dog to the spa, because you know that if your dog is happy, you are happy, and everyone is happy!

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7- You socialize – on social media.

You love your pet so much and you consider them your child because you even make them accounts on social media.. we thought it’s a human thing, but umm okay they’re your kids too!

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8- You share the bed (and the couch, and the armchair….)

Every parent of a human baby loves to share the bed and cuddle with your babies. Since you do, you are considered a dog parent with honor!

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9- You know his favorite hang out spots.

You know their favourite parks, streets and gardens they like to hand out in. You’re always concerned about their interest, just like your baby.

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