10 Picures Of Animals Who Want To Steal Your Food

One of the many things we have in common with our furry friends is our love of food, in particular pizza and it seems these animals will resort from everything to puppy-dog eyes to outright stealing it off your plate to get some!

So go on, have a slice of the action and paruse these 13 hopeless, heartbreaking yet downright hilarious pictures of animals who just want to steal yo food…

1. The pizza will be mine! MINE I tell you!

2. Okay, picture’s been taken, now where’s that slice you promised me?

3. Trust me human. Your pancakes will be purrfectly safe with me….

4. What diet?! GIMME DAT CUPCAKE!!

5. Did someone say…PIZZA?!

6. Just. One. Slice. Pretty please hooman.

7. Seriously, what is it with animals and pizza?!

8. In my defence, it’s not my fault you left your food unsupervised…

9. Well…this certainly isn’t pizza…

10. Talk about puppy dog eyes!

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