13 Funny Pics Showing the True Friendship Between Human and German Shepherd

Of course, you have heard that GSDs are very good guard dogs. But would you choose this dog to be your best friend? This list will give you 14 reasons to get German Shepherds as true friends and companions.

#1 Friendship begins in childhood

#2 You will never be jealous your girl to the true friend

#3 With the true friend you can go to the edge of the world

#4 Sometimes your true friend can make a mistake but you can`t be angry with him

#5 … because he is too cute

#6 Your GSD will always listen to you

#7 .. and will never tell you your decision was wrong

#8 Time stops when you are with your friend

#9 You always have someone to hug

#10 … and to have a walk together

#11 You will never feel lonely when this cold nose is breathing near you

#12 You will also get your personal soft fur pillow

#13 Your GSD will share all your emotional moments with you

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