11 Funny Pictures Proving That You Are A Crazy German Shepherd Person

German Shepherds are loyal, smart and patient dogs. But if they feel, that you adore them, it can make some difficulties, because they will act as true fur babies, and you will have to take care of them!

#1 Come here, my fur baby! I will pick up you!

#2 What happened, baby, don`t you like your new toy? I`ll buy another one for you!

#3 Don`t you like this movie? Ok, let`s watch animal planet!

#4 Please don`t be angry with me but I have to do it! I told you not to go to that puddle. Sorry, my sweety!

#5 Do not leave, I`ve prepared bed for you! Let me cover you with a blanket! It`s cold today

#6 I think we should buy a baby car seat for both our children!

#7 Wait a minute. I need a drink for my GSD! Do you have a milkshake?

#8 I`ll drive you to the training club. Please fasten your seat belt!

#9 Do you want to ride a wheelbarrow?

#10 Please take order of my fur baby first!

#11 Who said that GSD is a guard dog? Nope, it`s my fur baby!

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