14 Photographs That Confirm The Prominence Of German Shepherds And Make You Respect Them Even More

German Shepherds. The name is enough to get you on your toes. Not if you love this dog breed though. Those who have pet Germans know how affectionate and playful these doggos are.

On the other side, they are extensively recruited for high-profile criminal investigations. They also work in security services and the military. And why not? German Shepherds are distinguished for their valor, intelligence, and integrity.

These and more reasons compel us to respect and love this breed a tad bit more than the rest. Why not scroll through these pictures below and acquaint yourself more with them? As a dog-lover, you would love every second of it!

1. Looking Past the Horizon

2. Keeping on the Lookout

3. Big Ears to Hear Your Calls

4. Black German Shepherds are Gorgeous

5. Have You Ever Seen a White German Shepherd? Now You Have!

6. As Puppers, You Can’t Ask Them For Any More Cuteness

7. I’ll Take a Hundred!

8. Such a Gentle-Dog!

9. They are Experts in Goofing Around Too

10. They Protect What They Love With Their Life

11. Need a Picnic Buddy? Your Search Ends Here

12. Highly-Skilled and Highly-Photogenic

13. Is it a Wolf? Don’t Let This German Shepherd Fool You

14. A Wide Range of Talents Make Them Hugely Popular

We hope you enjoyed these pictures. Do you have a German Shepherd of your own? Share with us how much you love them!

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