2. You’ve caught yourself hoping desperately many times that you could just send her a quick text: “Hey! How’s your day?” “Hi, thinking of you. Love you so much.” The day dog-text technology is a reality, your life will be made.

3. All you need to do is keep protection. Yes, shower time is the worst. However, with every rub, every wash, every additional squeeze to include all the soap is gone, you use every last fiber of your being to connect to her that is secure, this is good, and you’re her protector.4. When they are a bit older, however, they still choose to follow your every step at home. She’s free now; She could blow you off very easily and stay placed on the sofa or rug or “her” seat, but she just can’t endure the idea of not realizing exactly what you’re doing at all times. So she follows you. And you adore it.

5. Having a terrible, long, bad day, and pulling up to your home, knowing you will be welcoming with nothing less than fresh happiness and borderline amazing excitement from your dog. She doesn’t care how bad your day was; She’s here to make it better and she can’t wait to do it, as that’s her job.

6. You’re completely ready for a night out, yet she hasn’t eaten. You can understand she doesn’t want to as she knows you’re leaving her for the evening and is too sad to eat. Therefore, down you go, sitting cross-legged on your dirty kitchen floor, just so you can feed her bits and bits from your hand until she’s comfortable sufficient to eat alone while you’re sitting there to keep her company.

7. Usually, on a calm weekend evening in which you decide to stay at the house when your dog hugs you, all the feelings happen. Her sense of security is noticeable through her tiny body, and you know she’d stay right here forever if you’d let her. Why do you ever hang out again?

8. You’re always taken backward by her beauty. At least 5 times every week, you just look at her and exclaim: “God, you are so fucking beautiful!”

9. When it’s been an exceptionally hard week full of all work and no breaks, you feel extremely heavy guilt that your dog has been subject to your silly workload. She doesn’t know it. However, you spend the week making plans for an activity-loaded Saturday for her and you as she is worth some happiness and you want her to always own it.

10. Waking up and finding her twisted up in the juggle of your legs, or on top of your head on the cushion, and fully on her back, all legs in the air showing overall weakness – you feel bad for dog owners who don’t allow their dog in the bed.
11. When you capture her just kind of staring at you, and you guys close eyes for what appears to be an hour. However, it is only a few seconds before she fills your face with kisses. You cannot blame her, nevertheless, as you love it. And her. Forever and ever and ever.