9 Different Personalities Your German Shepherd Can Have

1-The Athlete

The German Shepherds are natural athletes. They somehow demand exercise. Yet, it is mistaken that German requires a lot of open areas. Enough exercise can be done in a small area or with daily walks. However, keep in mind, that because of their strength, they should not be left alone in the care of a kid or any adult who is physically unfit.

If you have two German Shepherds, it will be easier and a great way to exercise. They both will play with each other and entertain each other, it will make you more comfortable somehow.

Ask any double German Shepherd house about the greatness of their play. Watching Germans playing is usually like watching a hockey game. «He goes for the body check.» «Hey, that’s roughing!» Get yourself a refreshing drink and let the game begin, just you watching this without any crowd, amazingly entertaining.

Another choice for the German Shepherd lover who only wants one dog is to get an older friend. They surely are still full of activity. However, they are not at the same level as the younger ones.

Always remember that all German Shepherds will find a way to entertain themselves almost everywhere they go. Because it’s always important to discover new ways to keep them amused. With their intellect connected with their strength.

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2-The Dietician

That’s food? I’ll decide what to eat.
Many new German Shepherd owners said before: “My German Shepherd won’t eat the kibble; she went three days without eating. I put some leftovers in her food and she finally ate, but she only ate the left-overs. The kibble was left in the bowl.”

The German Shepherd will force the owner to feed him what he likes. They usually require a certain diet, which is high in fat and protein. Many dog foods do not meet the needs of the German Shepherds.

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4-The Gardener

Dig! Dig! Dig!
They have a natural instinct that makes them able to dig that you can see them dig large holes in your garden.

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5-The Guardian

Everyone is a friend who they just didn’t meet yet.

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6-The Hairball

You may have seen the beautiful fur of the German Shepherd and instantly decry them to life as a dog who lives outside. Although they are covered with a double coat of fur that keeps them protected from both hot and cold temperatures, they require as much comfort as any other breed.

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7-The Magician

The fleeing artist who up for any challenge.
They have the capability to squeeze through little holes, break or chew their way out. Some will actually invent a plan for their flee way that you may have never even thought of.

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8- The Socialite

It is always party time for these social butterflies.

Part of the pack.
They require the friendships of each other, humans, or animals. If left alone with no friends around to be with them, either the barking begins, the escape road is begun, or something you really liked is ruined. For instance, a dog could easily lessen boredom by turning your waterbed into a large swimming pool. As they say, «idle paws are the devil’s workshop!»

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9-The Wanderer

Nomads by nature.
This nomadic instinct, connected with their inherent curiosity, makes it very significant to always have them restricted or on a leash. With no fear of vehicle and no homing gift, this nomadic instinct could easily leave them prey to starvation, disease, injury, or even worse.

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