12 Hilarious Pictures Of Guilty Dogs In #guiltydogchallenge

    12 Hilarious Pictures Of Guilty Dogs In #guiltydogchallenge
    12 Hilarious Pictures Of Guilty Dogs In #guiltydogchallenge

    Dogs have personality like children sometimes. They also sometimes become stubborn and destructive. They can chew on sandals, shoes, wallets, sofas, …, or even make your house literally ruined and can become sneaky eaters of their owner’s food. However, these dogs do know they are guilty, and when they realize that, they show us funny or innocent looks that are hard to blame. Here are 15 hilarious pictures of guilty dogs in #guiltydogchallenge.

    #1 – “Somehow it’s hard to be mad at that face”

    #2 – “Mr. Bean has 3 siblings who played a huge role (along with him) in destroying my bean bag while I was at work”

    #3 – “Wat? Wat did I do??”

    #4 – “Hi, my name is Luna and I missed you while you were at work “

    #5 – He is feeling so happy 😂😂😂

    #6 – “oh the sap. That was fun”

    #7 – We need to make sure you’re safe

    #8 – “I think the pillow says it all 😒”

    #9 – “Had kept some dragon fruit for myself. She claims innocence. Asking me what proof i have on her.😏”

    #10 – “I took a nap and when I got up it was obvious that something terrible had transpired and Mr Friendly was dead. Nobody is talking…”

    #11 – “Sid telling us he hated the sofa”

    #12 – “My not so guilty more proud girl “