Golden Retriever Is Very Proud Of His Stick Collection

Golden Retriever Is Very Proud Of His Stick Collection
Golden Retriever Is Very Proud Of His Stick Collection

Collecting hobby is not only in humans but also in many animals. These animals often bring items they like to their home to satisfy their gathering needs.

Here is a story about a golden retriever Bruce, a stick collector. Bruce is a 4-year-old golden retriever and currently has over 50 sticks in his collection.

#Bruce and his collection of more than 50 sticks

Bruce started to collect after he lost his only stick. His favorite and only stick was left out in the field and after a massive snow came his stick was under 12 inches of snow. Over the next few days, Bruce didn’t stop searching, he frantically digged, burying his head in the snow in search of his stick.

#Bruce tried very hard to find his stick

After the snow melted, Bruce found his stick again. However, he didn’t seem to want that loss experience to happen again so he started collecting. And he doesn’t get too fussy about the choice of sticks, he collects sticks of all sizes and shapes during his walks.

#The sticks come in all sizes and shapes

Although Bruce has a huge collection of sticks he is currently not allowed to play with them, but only to play with rubber stick because he had a previous accident when a stick perforated his esophagus while playing fetch on his 2nd birthday.

#Although he wasn’t allowed to play with these sticks, he was always proud of them

And beyond his hobby of gathering, Bruce has many other adorable things as well. You can follow him through Instagram @leoicenhour

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#Bruce with majesty and floofiness

#Bruce is happy on his 4th birthday

#He’s a good boy

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