12 Naughty German Shepherds Who Thought You’ll Be Out Forever

German Shepherds are very loyal, protective, and kind. These are the features we all know. However, they have some hidden personality features like their weirdness and their funny side. Sometimes they can be very hilarious and can cause you to be laughing out loud. Especially when they devastate the place around them, and just act like they didn’t do anything. Sometimes, they make you laugh when you’re really angry with what they have done.

1 It’s not us, it was the cat.

2 It was self-defense.

3 What? I didn’t know you would come back anytime soon!!

4 Hey, I missed you so much, He He ._./

5 I was trying to let myself out.

6 You went out, so it’s my bed.

7 I swear I can explain

8 I made a new door in my house

9 He didn’t realize the mistake until I came

10 I can’t stop farting…

11 It’s definitely not me.

12 I was trying to wash the dishes for you, mommy.

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