12 Puppies Who Are Totally Devoted To Their Pawfect Parents

We once showed you 18 puppies with their very proud parents. Now here are some puppies who want to grow up to be just like their awesome parents.

This lot are very happy playing with their moms or cuddling their dads all day every day. And you would be too, wouldn’t you?

Here are 14 adorable puppies who dote on their mommies and daddies:

1. “Have you seen how my collar matches moms’ one?”

2. “Wake up and come and play with me!”

3. You’d never guess this was mother and son, would you?

4. “There’s nothing better than chewing on Mom’s ear.”

5. “Can I get up onto that step with you, Dad?”

6. What is it about puppies and their mum’s ears?

7. There’s nothing quite like a nap in your mother’s arms.

8. “We love you, Mom!”

9. Looks like she’s pretty worn out by all those pups!

10. “High-five, Dad? Don’t leave me hanging…”

11. Where did he learn to smile like that?

12. “I can chew bones just like my mommy!”

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