12 Reasons Why German Shepherds are The Best Babysitters

These are amazingly devoted to their owner, intelligent and noble dogs. Appearing at the end of the 19th century in Germany, German Shepherd Dogs were mainly acquired as assistants in driving and grazing livestock. But their innate qualities – balance, obedience, quick reaction in unusual situations made the German Shepherd dogs excellent service dogs, guides for blind and visually impaired people. Often, dogs of this breed are acquired for the protection of the territory and as a four-legged friend of the whole family. And in most cases they cope with the tasks perfectly. Among other things, they are wonderful babysitters. Don’t believe? Scroll down.

#1 They will play together with your children.

#2 They like children’s laughter.

#3 They will grow along with your children.

#4 Even when they grow old they will look after your children.

#5 They are just very cute.

#6 They will be best friends for your children.

#7 They will roll childrens like horses.

#8 Children adore them.

#9 They love to hug.

#10 They are very patient.

#11 They are used in therapy.

#12 They will always be there to protect.

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