13 Funny German Shepherd Pictures That Will Make You Smile

The German Shepherds are not only dogs. First of all they are friends, protectors and true family members. This post is for German Shepherd lovers. Check out and enjoy!

#1 Who does poke his nose everywhere? – It`s me, daddy!

#2 Wanna play hide and seek? I`m ready!

#3 Happy birthday, mommy!

#4 Have you ever seen the best cake for German Shepherd?

#5 This guy knows exactly how to take great selfie

#6 Beware of the dog!

#7 Fur Messi

#8 Hello, sir! could you call my mommy please?

#9 I`m so thirsty!!

#10 We told you hundred times that back seats are non-available!

#11 It`s me catching the wave

#12 Hello! Can I help you?

#13 Human, your grammar is terrible! I can`t approve this letter!

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