13 Tips For Raising a German Shepherd Puppy At Home

You can not confuse the concepts of “education” and “training” and start doing something sooner or later than the right time.

#1 From the very first days after appearing in a new house, you should start raising a German Shepherd puppy, accustom yourself to the rules of behavior.

#2 The puppy should not immediately be allowed to do those things that are unacceptable for the owner (for example, jumping onto a sofa, bed).

#3 First of all, the puppy is accustomed to the nickname.

#4 At the age of two to four months, the puppy is trained to the place.

#5 For two months, the puppy is carefully accustomed to the leash and collar.

#6 You can not use violence, everything should be smooth and gentle. Every day a collar is put on the puppy, and for a while he walks with it.

#7 After the baby gets used to the collar, accustom to a leash.

#8 Every day, with a puppy, they walk a little around the apartment on a leash. It is necessary in the same way to teach a pet a muzzle.

#9 Until the puppy walks on the street, he goes to the toilet at home. He is taught to relieve himself strictly in one place on a diaper.

#10 After vaccination and necessary after quarantine with a puppy begin to walk.

#11 Starting from three months, the distance of walks can be increased to four kilometers.

#12 On walks, the puppy is taught an indifferent attitude to passers-by, cars, and children.

#13 If the city has a clearing for dog walking, this is just wonderful. There you can let the puppy off the leash so that he frolic and plays with his comrades.

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