If there are only two things in this world that can be named “The most loved things in the whole world” they must be dogs and food.

Dogs love food as much as we love it, whenever they see us eating anything, they run near us to get some. They stare at food with bright wide-open eyes.

So, this article is about the best two things in life combined, dogs and food. Some photoshop skilled people came up with an amazing and creative idea. They placed dog pictures on some pictures of delicious-looking food items. Scroll down to see the interesting project.

I never saw cute dumplings like these!

“Hello, I’m A Good Doughnut.”

What’s better than a fresh pugcake!

My favorite berry is woofberries!

Yummy WoofBerries.

Banana Oh Nana!

Fresh puppyberry

Fresh Woofy Veggies.

Fried Chicken puppies

Little eyed sandwich

Fried Woof Chicken.

Freshly Baked Chocolate Woof Cookies.

Hot Puppy Chocolate