What do dogs see on TV screens?

What kind of shows do dogs like watching? 🐶📺

Researchers from the University of Central Lancashire proved that those dogs that like watching TV, prefer looking at their own kind.

Canines on TV that were growling, barking or whining sparked special interest.

Dogs participating in the research also liked videos with squeaky toys.

However, there are dogs that don’t have any reaction to the TV at all. One of the explanations of this phenomenon is based on a speculation that it’s not just about a certain dog’s interests and character, but also about the technical characteristics of the TV at home.

What do dogs see on TV?

It’s not a secret that canines see the world differently than we do.

One of these differences lies in the speed of information acceptance.

In order for humans to watch something on a screen, the frequency of 45-50 Hz is enough.

Dogs, however, need the frequency to reach at least 70-80 Hz in order to understand what is happening on the screen.

The frequency of TVs is around 50 Hz. That is why dogs whose humans haven’t yet replaced their old TV model with a modern screen simply can’t understand what is happening on the screen. That’s why they often don’t pay any attention to the TV.
Moreover, such a picture tends to be annoying for our dogs and doesn’t let them concentrate.

Modern TVs’ frequency is around 100 Hz. And with such technical characteristics, our dogs can also enjoy their favorite TV shows by our side. 🐶🖥

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