What is the first thing that comes in your mind when you hear “German Shepherd”? Most probably, grace, nobleness, intelligence, loving heart, protection, right? But have you ever thought of a romantic personality? German Shepherds have a huge loving hearts that love you deeply and unconditionally. They Give you anything they find, protect you whenever you go, hug you 24/7, and will always stay close to you. Here are 14 photos proving that German Shepherds are real Romantics!

#1 May you dance with me, princess?

#2 In love with daisies!

#3 I will follow you to the end of the world!

#4 Mommy, I got you a gift!

#5 Celebrates your birthday with you!

#6 I got you some flowers that are not as beautiful as you are!

#7 Nature lovers

#8 Endless kisses!

#9 Cutest dogs ever, aren’t they?

#10 They love you even when they are sleeping!

#11 They are patient with your weird stuff

#12 Runs to you just when they see you!

#13 Feels comfortable around you, and only you.

#14 You’re shining like these lights, mom!