14 Pictures Proving That German Shepherds Are The Best Hugging Dogs

German Shepherds hugging owners

Has your German Shepherd ever asked you to sit on your lap? Probably yes. It’s because German Shepherds are the best lap dogs and the warmest hugging dogs of all time! You wouldn’t know that if you don’t have one, but if you do, you certainly experienced being so busy and your German Shepherd just sit there in front of you asking for a hug! And because you are crazy about your German Shepherd, you leave everything you do and hold him to give him all the attention he wants! So, here are 14 pictures proving that German Shepherds are the best huggers ever!

#1 This is how he looks when he asks for a hug!

#2 They don’t really know their real size!

#3 They just jump on you whenever you are!

#4 You try as much as you can to convince him that he is a big dog!

#5 They just stay close, always!

#6 It’s since their puppyhood!

#7 He cries if he didn’t take enough hugs

#8 He waits for you on your bed!

#9 They feel jealous if anyone else tried to hug you!

#10 They think they will always be puppies

#11 They can’t understand that they don’t even fit your lap!

#12 They smile -like that- if you allow them to cuddle on the bed

#13 This photo proves that if you carried them once, they won’t stop asking for it

#14 They are the happiest when you hold them