You may know that German Shepherds are famous for being guard dogs. However, you have to know also that he can be your best friend. Also, German Shepherds have a funny side and they can be so hilarious. Their protective, loyal, kind and funny personality make them the ideal best friends!

#1 Friendship starts from an early age!

#2 He will get jealous if someone else tried to approach you

#3 He will go with you to the end of the world

 #4 You can’t be mad at him even when he ruins the world

#5 … because he is too adorable

#6 Your German Shepherd will always be there for you

#7 He will never tell you that you did something wrong

#8 Time always stops when you are together

#9 He is the best hugger ever

#10 … and will be with you in everything

#11 You will never feel lonely when he’s around

#12 You have your adorable fur pillow

#13 Your German Shepherd will share all your important moments with you

#14 He acts like a baby