15 Best Golden Retriever Memes

The most loyal and most beautiful and FUNNIEST awards go to the Golden Retriever. He is one of the most popular breeds now. If you have one, you know how cute and funny they are. Here are 15 of the best Golden Retriever memes.

1- Single dad life sucks

2- Dangerous place alarm!!

3- Take it, leave it, WHAT DO YOU WANT!

4- Ugh, they ain’t funny as we are

5- Order delivered.

6- Love is in the air, AIR is love

7- Wake up, I love you.

8- I will take care of me, don’t worry.

9- Unusual mother-child relationship

15 Best Golden Retriever Memes

10- mmm

11- This job is good, but who are you?

12- Why the name?

13- Get up, you have work to do away from here…

14- It’s not me, I swear.

15- I’m the driver I know everything

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