If we all agree that Golden Retrievers are the funniest, kindest, purest, and loveliest dogs ever, we have to agree that we can multiply all of this by 10 for Golden Retriever puppies!

Here are 15 amazing golden Retriever puppies photos that will warm your heart!

1- Meet this cute Goldie, Rocket!

Meet My Goldie, Rocket

2- Hello momma!

A Little Golden Retriever Puppy Saying Hello To Her Mother

3- So tired playing all day!

Playtime Ends Like This

4- Okay, I regret this.

Hooman I Have Regrets

5- I know you smiled now.

Just Gotta Smile Looking At These Faces

6- That smile thooo

Early Morning Walks Are Overrated

7- It’s not a cup holder anymore, it’s a pup holder.

Golden Puppy Sitting In The Pup Holder

8- Golden Tub

The Golden Tub

9- Nap with his favorite little Dinasour

Naps On Naps On Naps

10- This rub thing feels just right!

All About The Belly Rubs

11- Swimming Lover!

He Likes To Swim

12- Help me please, I’m stuck!

Little Pup Is Stuck

13- What’s cuter? paws, face, or just everything!!

Those Pawwwwws

14- We fit everywhere

15 Heartwarming Golden Retriever Puppies Photos That Will Make Your Day

15- All little babies stay here.

Little Guy Fell Asleep In A Basket With His Golden Retriever Puppies