Golden Retrievers are very famous for being so caring, kind, and funny. Here are 20 reasons why they are the best dogs ever!

1- Always caring even for other animals

Fascinated Retrievers2- Very beautiful and their unexpected moments always turn out to be the best shots

20 Reasons Why Golden Retrievers Are The Best Dogs Ever

3- If you got buried in the snow, you know he will retrieve you.

When You Get Buried In Snow But Your Dog Is A Retriever

4- I think I have to lose some weight…

"Guess I'm Still Carrying A Little Holiday Weight"

5- This birthmark makes him the most special Golden Retriever ever

This Golden Retriever Has A Black Birthmark On The Left Side Of His Face

6- More peanut butter, please.

More Peanut Butter!

7- Hello There!Hi There

8- Sure they will get confused between me and the cat!I'm Pretty Sure Wally Thinks He's A Cat

9- She just asked to see the puppies in the truck…

I Asked A Women If I Could See The Puppies In Her Trunk, Snapped This Quick Pic!

10- Someone has just discovered his paws!

I Think He Just Discovered His Toes

11- He hasn’t seen his owner for about 9 months!

My Golden Retriever After Not Seeing Me For 9 Months

12- First time in public, GOODEST BOY!

This Is Ralph. It's His First Time Out In Public. 11/10 Good Boy

13- Basket for all little ones in the house

Little Guy Fell Asleep In A Basket With His Golden Retriever Puppies

14- She always welcomes people on the door with a gift

My Girlfriend's Golden Has To Bring A Gift To Anyone Who Comes To The Door. If She Can't Find A Toy, She'll Grab Her Whole Bed And Drag It Across The House Or Pick Up The Shoe You Just Took Off And Give It Back To You

15- My office dog paid me a visit today

We Have An Office Dog And He Visited Me Today