15 Incredible Dogs Who Beat Cancer And Can’t Wait To Share The Amazing News

    Dogs Who Beat Cancer
    Dogs Who Beat Cancer

    Cancer doesn’t discriminate between race, religion… or paw size. Humans aren’t the only ones who battle the disease — and getting the news that your dog has cancer is absolutely devastating. But it’s not always a death sentence.

    Cancer in dogs is actually quite common, with older dogs being most susceptible. However, in dogs 10 years and older, it is the leading cause of death. Typical cancers found in dogs include malignant lymphoma, mammary gland tumors, bone cancer, and others, many of which are curable if caught early. That’s why it’s important that dog owners really listen to what their vet is saying about what can and can’t be done.

    However, when cancer is beaten its only right we celebrate! Just look to these 15 dogs for inspiration. They won the battle with cancer, and they’re happy to spread the news and let the entire world know! 🙂

    #1 – Now that’s the face of pure happiness!

    #2 – It’s official: Rex just beat cancer! What a beautiful German Shepherd.

    #3 – Dasiy refused to give up

    #4 – This dog beat cancer naturally. No chemicals or anything! How impressive is that?

    #5 – 24 weeks later and this dog is cancer-free! He had to go through a lot of chemotherapy, but he was clearly so strong.

    #6 – Last day of Chemo at the Alliance Animal Hospital celebrated in the cutest possible way — with a stuffed animal and a congratulatory card. So sweet.

    #7 – This little guy has officially been cancer-free for a whopping eight months. That is huge!

    #8 – This is Doug, and it is his last day of chemo! Good luck, Doug!

    #9 – This Pitbull mix who is named Abby shared that unlike what the stereotypes suggest, she has never attacked anything… Except cancer!

    #10 – The best kind of phone call you can get.

    #11 – What a fighter!

    #12 – This guy just took his last chemo pill. That’s it. What an inspiring fighter!

    #13 – This little pup has been cancer-free for six months now which is amazing! Plus, he even stopped a robbery in his family’s home. Needless to say, he is the ultimate hero.

    #14 – This is Randy and he wants you to know that he is ready to kick cancer’s butt. He’s totally got this, no question!

    #15 – It cost $600 to remove this dog’s tumor plus an extra $3,500 for chemotherapy. But his love and support is priceless and completely worth it all for his heartwarming owners.