German Shepherds are famous for many things. Sadly, their reputation influences some… brilliant stereotypes. Here are 15 of the worst.

1. “You let him sit inside?”

He is the one who lets you inside.

2. They are very smart dogs!

Okay, we all have our lazy days….

3. “You’ll get just one, right?”

Yeah.. sure…

4. “It’s not about ‘if’ they will bite… it’s ‘when’.”

5. “He looks so scared…”

Me too actually

6. “I should get a pup like that!”

You obviously haven’t been woken up with force thousand times.

7. “Does he love other dogs?”

You could say that?

8. “Does she shed?”

No, it’s just another dog!

9. “You let him lay on your bed?!”

No, he lets me in actually.

10. “German Shepherds are such brave dogs.”

Yeah, so… have you ever met a German Shepherd?

11. “You know they are bred to attack?”

Yes that’s why we sleep in fear every night.

12. “Dogs shouldn’t do jobs.”

And achieve their dreams of being the world’s best snow shoveler?

13. “They have very big ears.”

Shhh… they heard that.

14. “At least they won’t give up on rival pressure.”

So, mostly never.

15. “I don’t like aggressive dogs.”

Source: Bow Wow Times

So. Much. Aggression.