1- The only “tie” we can tie!


3- Save your money for something more important

4- Please…

Dog parade rings in New Year’s celebrations

5- Best waiter out there!

6- I want to drive, please!

French Bulldog puppy extremely pleased with new toy bucket

7- Sorry I have some problems with hearing

8- He has his own way of getting everything!

Dog has massive snowstorm freakout when he saw heavy snowfall

9- Shred Shred Shred

21 Funniest German Shepherd Memes

10- Luv you Hooman

Vocal funny PitBull refuses to leave owner alone

11- My fav is always the hidden one

12- Unconditional love, always.

Puppy loses battle to sleep during car ride

13- My ShephyHome

14- Stop the alien!

Puppy eager for ocean air swims above water


16- Cheeeeese

17- Your food is so strange Hooman

18- It’s my couch, find another place, dad.

French Bulldog challenges her reflection to a fight

19- This attention can’t be decided by two, we’re so sorry.

An Unusual Friendship between magpie and a fox

20- One ear is still better than zero.

21- My cookies are safe?

German Shepherd Meme - I heard something scary in the kitchen... can you check it out, and save the cookies

German Shepherd memes don’t end. Stay tuned for part 2!