Nothing like traveling with your tail-wagger to make a road-trip all the more fun. Some dogs love them, others just can’t stand em’! A dog headed to the park or on a road trip with its head stuck out of a car window is the perfect picture of happiness.

Woof Woof has compiled some of the best photos online of dogs enjoying, as well as hating the long road trips – for our pooches sometimes the traffic gets to them more than it does us and its hilarious to see. So scroll down and enjoy!


#2 – Safety first

#3 – ugh, why is this taking so long

#4 – Clown car? Nope, just the Golden Circus!

#5 – Really? Could I get a little help here? Why are we sitting in the car?


#7 – Don’t worry dad, I’ll drive home. I just need some help with the pedals