20 Pics Of Dogs That Managed To Fall Asleep In Hilariously Awkward Positions

    Dogs That Managed To Fall Asleep
    Dogs That Managed To Fall Asleep

    We all know what a tired puppy looks like, completely worn out from a long walk, but refusing to accept defeat, batteling with every fiber to keep their eyes from closing. Eventually, the inevitable occurs and the tank runs empty. They doze off, the head drops, sometimes a tongue may even roll out the mouth — and plop they’re gone.

    The hilarious consequence of this ability to sleep anywhere results in dogs being found asleep in the strangest places and positions – leaving you wondering, “how can that possibly be comfortable?

    This adorable list, compiled by Woof Woof, celebrates the weird and wonderful ways that dogs choose to snooze. These boys and girls just don’t give a heck, and it’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face!

    #1 – It’s been a ruff day

    #2 – Wondering how thats comfortable..

    #3 – Miso fell asleep like this…

    #4 – Puppy Warming his Paws

    #5 – I’m just a tiny little bit sleepy

    #6 – How…..

    #7 – Blep

    #8 – Sleeping is an art form

    #9 – When you live in Texas and it’s too hot to move


    #11 – Why sleep in my bed when I can sleep here






    #17 – He looks like a burnt loaf of bread


    #19 – Is it Friday yet?

    #20 – This Dog Is Sleeping Happily