19 Golden Retrievers Were The Heroes Of The Hearts

19 Golden Retrievers Were The Heroes Of The Hearts

1. When this cuddler makes sleeping World-shatteringly cute.

2. When this beautiful pup is the best ring holder ever.

3. When these road-trippers made packing up the car the cutest activity EVER.

19 Golden Retrievers Were The Heroes Of The Hearts

4. When these two prove that best buddies are there for each other, always.

5. When this boy shows the strangest spooning skills in the world.

6. When this guy understands every single one of our snacks.

7. When this baby proves that this puppy eyes can take everyone out of their bad mood.

8. When this lady lets every body know that napping is a major part of life.

Maureen Predham

9. When this pup understands that the refrigerator is the BEST place in the home.

10. When this little girl was the best friend a child could need.

11. When this boy proves that Golden Retrievers are the most beautiful dogs in the world.

12. When this guy demonstrates how to “cheese” properly.

13. When this boy knows how we all get awkward during the “Happy Birthday” song.

14. When this trustworthy girl was there for her best friend in every step she takes.

15. When these two Goldies show their kids what perfect parenthood is about.

16. When this group of pups teaches us that being in an adventure is the first step to joy.

17. When this family saw these adorable kittens.

18. When these dogs show to everyone that family time is the best and most precious time.

19. Finally, when this sweety shows to us that all you have to do is to SMILE.

Photo Credit: danncer via Compfight cc