1. No dad, I’m not a dog, I’m a walrus!

2. Take me to the talent show!

3. Coolest doggo!

4. Who called the doctor?

5. Hey hooman, follow me to the sweatpants cool club!

6. So skilled in balancing food on nose

7. Hooppy Easter!

8. So happy with my new shoes!

9. I can’t hear youuu, this is the place I’ll be sleeping whatever you like it or noooot!


11. I’m living my best life.

12. Swimmer spirit

13. This is what friends do!

14. Don’t worry, we’re just going to make you breakfast in bed!

15. I put my heart on my nose for you.

16. These are REALLY fresh herbs!

17. No worries, just gettin’ the ball!

18. I knew there’s a lot of fish in the water, so I’ll get you some.

19. Thanks for praising my yard work after a long day! You’re such a DEAR