As children, most of us had that one favorite teddy, pillow, or even blanket, and dogs are no different. More often than not, the toy they played with when they were little puppies will remain their favorite for the rest of their lives.

But why do pets like certain toys and not others? To female dogs, some toys tend to act like puppies. Without acting being able to mother puppies, some female dogs tend to mother stuffed toys and give it the same amount of love that she would if it were her own pup.

Research also suggests that dogs prefer toys that either taste like food or can be torn apart or something that really stimulates the mind — And once a dog starts to play with one toy, habit soon makes it their favorite.

Scroll down and enjoy some of the best photos of dogs and their stuffies, be warned the cuteness may kill you!

#1 – Izzie the Australian shepherd holding her bear

#2 – Snuggle buddies for life

#3 – “My dog with his favorite toy, then & now.”