21 Best German Shepherd Halloween Costumes

21 Best German Shepherd Halloween Costumes

If you -humans- think that you’re the only creatures who can rock in Halloween costumes, you’re definitely wrong! These German Shepherds will beat you with their adorable costumes. We salute their amazing owners who dressed them up awesomely!

It was really hard to select some of the best costumes and that we had to make this small list. Here you are!

1. The cutest honey bee

2. The BEST ballerina in town


4. The STRONGEST cop in Chicago

5. Terrifying skeleton

6. The Great Shepherd

7. This way, Doggo!

8. BEST chef

9. So Scary, isn’t he?

10. I’m the doctor, how can I help?

11. Spidey-doggo

12. Queen Shephy

13. Gangsters

14. The politician

15. James P. Sullivan?

16. Bob-shepherd

17. German-Pumpkin

18. Cuter than Mini Mouse

19. Super Doggo!

20. Ladybug

21. The Beauty or The Beast