The internet is interested in cute dog pictures showing off their toothy smiles. People can’t get enough of this obsession. If you have a bad day, take a look at these dogs showing off their silly smiles will make you feel better!

Dogs are amazing and we can’t count how many great hours we spent with them. You will laugh so hard if you checked these hilarious pictures out!

1. Mr. squeezy face is really adorable.

Dog With The World’s Most Beautiful Smile Is The New Internet Star


2. These little Frenchie teeth will make you smile and those cute puppy eyes are definitely irresistible.


3. This German shepherd showing off her fangs and get away from her everyone!

4. Double the biters, double the fun on these two sweeties.

5. It’s not easy to hide in the blankets when your little whites are out.

6. Hey, guurl, what’s up with your adorable smile?


7. It’s just a bite on the table with my tiny nibbly teeth

8. The cutest brace face, ever!

9. Look into my eyes, now give these white teeth some treats!

10. It’s hard to decide whether super smiling or super guilty.

11. This one’s extremely sweet smile fixes the lack of ears.

12. That’s for sure, I’m the sweetest one of them all.

13. It looks like this cutie just popped out of a box of toofy smiles.

14. This cute dog smiles to increase his chances to be adopted!

15. Set me fyeee!!


16. Still smiling in the golden years.


17. I shouldn’t have eaten that burrito…


18. Is this a pup or is this a funny bunny?

Dog Brings Home A ‘Puppy’, Turns Out It’s A Bear Cub

19. Who is the cutest German Shepherd?

20. A picture you can hear.

This TV Show Star Dog Was Abandoned Because She Was “Too Old”

21. Hey, you are done cleaning? Let me in now…