Teaching the dog to walk on a loose leash is essential for every dog owner.

Walking on a loose leash is not only a matter of comfort, but also a matter of security.

For example, when the two dogs meet, a pulled leash may trigger a fight.
The thing is that the dog’s leash pulling is perceived as a sign of aggression by the other dogs. Besides, a pulled leash doesn’t allow dogs to demonstrate their normal greeting behavior. 🆘So when another dog sees a pulled leash, it tries to protect itself from possible aggression and starts to attack. As a result, two dogs that would peacefully pass one another if they were on loose leashes, start a fight. Sometimes a very serious fight.

Moreover, a pulled leash gives the dog the illusion of a closer link with the owner. So it expects the owner’s entire support in conflict situations. That’s why the dog won’t hesitate to attack – together you are a powerful team! One more reason to never walk the dog on a loose leash is it leads to overexcitation of the animal. A tight leash increases the level of excitement, which means that all emotions, especially the negative ones like fear and anger, are intensified. In addition, the dog on a tight leash has no chance to avoid unpleasant situations-the leash does not allow it to maneuver. ‼️That’s why it is absolutely a MUST to teach your dog to walk on a loose leash.

Everydoggy has step-by-step video lessons which will quickly help to wean your dog off pulling.