5 Rules: How to Curb Unpleasant Adult Dog Behavior

5 Rules: How to Curb Unpleasant Adult Dog Behavior

Have you encountered problems with your pet’s behavior?
Do not despair! An adult dog’s behavior can be corrected successfully; even those who seem uncontrollable can be turned into the most obedient four-legged friends.

Here are 5 major rules for adult dogs’ behavior correction:

1️⃣Watch yourself – do not provoke the dog’s bad behavior

2️⃣The correction must be very careful and well thought out

3️⃣Don’t rush and don’t expect immediate results. Some behavior needs to be corrected over a long period of time

4️⃣The main aim of correction is to help the doggy to fight its «demons»

5️⃣Don’t hesitate to address a competent dog trainer who works only using humane training methods; he or she will help you look at the pet’s behavior from a new perspective and develop a correction plan.

Lack of cleanliness at home, aggression, separation anxiety, fear of fireworks or thunderstorms, barking on cyclists, inability to walk on a sagging leash – these are the most common reasons why people go to a dog behavior correction specialist.

But sometimes people reach out to dog behavior correction specialists to solve issues which actually can be corrected by the owner himself. Everydoggy dog training lessons can help if your doggy: 🔻steals food from the table or begs 🔻picks up food on the street, and is disobedient to the owner 🔻doesn’t want to wash its paws or can’t stand to have its claws cut 🔻is afraid of new objects

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And in fact, with lots of effort, almost any unwanted behavior can be tackled.

Of course, if you train your dog l from when it is a puppy, you have more chances to form and reinforce its correct behavior.