How to stop your puppy from chewing?

Puppies explore the world using their teeth and no wonder that everything around falls under their thorough examination. Puppies are completely unaware that some things are absolutely inappropriate for their teeth🦷

Besides, teething, just like it is with kids, means a lot of discomfort for the puppy. That’s the time when young dogs put everything they see into their mouths.
The best you can do is to take all the loved things away when the puppy is left unattended.

But when you are at home and you can watch the pet, use the “Rope” method introduced by leading canine specialists. Tie a rope 🧵 to the puppy’s collar or harness and make sure it drags freely behind the pup (also make sure that the rope is untied when you leave the house). If the puppy grabs something which you don’t want him to grab, say “Stop!” Come closer to the pup, step on the end of the rope and gently (very, very gently) pull the puppy, take an object and repeat “Stop!” You should only hold an object, never pull it out of the puppy’s mouth. Sooner or later the puppy will spit it out. Praise the puppy but continue to hold to the “bone of contention” in front of him. If the pet tries to grab a forbidden item again, say “Stop!” Repeat this until the puppy loses interest and turns its head from the object. If the puppy tries to get the object again (be sure, it will try it), repeat it once again.

This method won’t make the puppy scared of its owner as there is no hitting and screaming, but it will make the pup understand that there are some prohibitions which are never changed. It will take time for the puppy to learn these, so be patient😇

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