6 sure signs that your dog really trusts you

6 sure signs that your dog really trusts you

6 sure signs that your dog really trusts you

A dog’s trust is not given, it must be earned. Let’s check whether your dog trusts you.

The dog trusts you if:

1️⃣They look you in the eyes.
Most often, when one dog looks into another’s eyes, it is a threat. That’s why to live peacefully, dogs try not to look other dogs in the eye.
But with humans, it is a completely different story, as you are the one they love. If a dog looks you in the eye, they trust you.
2️⃣The dog comes into your bed for cuddles.
It may seem as though there’s nothing special about the fact that your pet likes to sleep with you. However, dogs are especially vulnerable when they sleep, it is a sign of trust if they come to their owner’s bed to sleep.
3️⃣The dog is confident and relaxed with you.
A dog’s body language says a lot about their feelings.
It doesn’t matter where you are or what you do – when you are together, the dog feels confident.

4️⃣The dog is calm when you leave.
If the dog has 100% trust in you, they are sure that you’ll come back. So there’s no need to worry!

5️⃣The dog looks at you for approval, support, or sometimes help.
You and your dog are a team. Even when your dog is busy with playing with other dogs, they’ll always come back to you to check whether you are fine.
6️⃣The dog trains well.
We often think that training and its effectiveness depends only on the dog. But that’s not true.
Dog training is all about the relationship between owner and dog. If the dog doesn’t trust its owner, it is much harder to train them.