How to choose the best dog trainer for you and your dog

Even the most ideal dog owners may have difficult times when raising their dogs. Many people go to a dog trainer or instructor for help.

The biggest difference between a good owner and one who is not good is that a good owner will choose a dog trainer EXTREMELY thoroughly. Why? Because some dog trainers can do more harm than good.

A widespread misconception that the owner should always be a leader and should constantly suppress, results in beating and inhumane attitude to dogs during the training.
Such trainers don’t care how the dog will perceive the owner and whether they trust him and are ready to cooperate.

But in fact, it is the desperate dog, that exhausted all the peaceful ways of negotiation, that gets sick from chronic stress and shows aggression. ⠀
The dog is desperate and frightened, they don’t want to be a leader.

A «right here, right now» solution offered by some dog trainers may look very tempting to some owners who encounter a problem. They don’t want to examine the matter thoroughly and study their pet’s psychology.

If the dog trainer uses the following methods, it’s confirmation that his knowledge of dog behavior and psychology is a decade-outdated: ⠀
❌ Bringing pain to the dog (beating) ❌ Using a too rigid leash and strict or electric collar ❌ Food, water or walking deprivationPulling a dog’s leash ❌Alpha rolling, grabbing a dog’s muzzle ❌ Long-term isolation of the dog ❌ Intense physical activity aimed to “calm” the dog down («a good dog is a tired dog”) ⠀
The responsibility for choosing a person who can (or cannot) train your dog is totally yours. And it is you who will see the results of training every day.

Raising the dog with positive and violence-free methods is much more beneficial for you and your dog. 🐶️️️️️✅If you haven’t yet found the right dog trainer, you can try to train your dog yourself with the help of EveryDoggy! The dog trainers who created EveryDoggy use only positive and humane methods and these methods have helped to raise thousands of happy and obedient dogs.

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