How to train your dog, allowing them to do what they want

How to train your dog, allowing them to do what they want

How to Train your Dog, Allowing Them to Do What They Want

All owners want to teach their pets good manners in the most humane ways possible.

And there’s actually a way to teach a dog to behave correctly, allowing them to do what they want. 💡The idea is that the dog is rewarded for an action that they don’t want to perform by allowing them to do what they really want. ❗️This simple but powerful tool works great in dog training.

It may sound trite but it works because it helps to avoid conflicts in the training process.

For example, your dog wants to play with a lovely dog nearby but you want your pet’s attention to be focused on you.
However, forcing the dog to ignore potential friends doesn’t reduce their attractiveness — this is counterproductive.

But if you ask the dog to look at you for a second and then allow them to play with the dog they want to play with, you will reward your dog for the right action with what is important to them at that moment, and avoid conflict.

As a result, the dog understands that your requests help to fulfill their own desires.
And even in the most distracting situation, your dog will be able to focus on you!

Another important point to keep in mind: the fewer bans there are in the dog’s life, the less temptation there is to break them.

The more you let the dog do what they want, the less they will want to do it.

But please keep in mind that this principle can be used ONLY in the process of training.

You can’t subject all your dog’s life to focusing attention on you. Your pet should be able to get what they like at no charge. 🚫Otherwise, the dog’s life will turn into eternal training and will lead to the development of chronic stress.