7 Signs You’re Completely Obsessed With German Shepherds

Actually, you post so many photos and videos of the german shepherds that people have possibly removed you from their friends’ list for loading up their news feeds. If a german shepherd shows up in the video, there’s a chance of 99% that you’re going to repost it.

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2-You can suppose that every time a friend tags you in social media, it’s indicating to a thing that is related to a german shepherd.

On Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter; all of your friends and relatives tag you in a german shepherd post when they see one.

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3- You greet the german shepherd before anyone else.

Just entered your house? Time to greet the dog! Besides homemade dishes, your dog is the best part about coming home.

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4-You’ve probably matched your outfit…with your german shepherd

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5- You collect puppy related cards.

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6-You spend your money on your german shepherd

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A jacket for 50$? Okay fine. $50 can spoil your dog with joyful new treats and toys! Nothing makes dogs happy more than food and toys, and in return, nothing makes a dog owner who is obsessed with his dod more than seeing their excited and happy dog.

7-You think it’s everyone’s dream to have more than one german shepherds

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