7 Ways to Know if Your German Shepherd is Bonded to You

Bonding with your dog is more important than you think. It leads to a more joyful and more wholesome life together. That bond normally evolves during your time with your lovely dog, as you exercise, practice, play, and live together.

Here are the best 7 ways to know if your German Shepherd is bonded with you:

1-They readily make eye contact

The first thing your dog learns in the basic classes of obedience training is usually eye contact, due to the efficiency of it on how they focus.

Generally, eye contact can be a challenge. However, in bonding human-dog friendships, it usually means love and trust.

Think about your eye contact attitudes; if you’re anxious or afraid of another person, you might see it difficult to look them in the eye.

However, if you do trust the other person and want to show that you respect them, you’ll meet their look. It’s very equal to dogs.

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2-They check in on walks and in new environments

If dogs and their owners are bonded, they tend to look at them a lot.
This doesn’t mean they’re clung beside you, staring on your face 24/7. They may still drop like crazy on the leash if they spot a pigeon, yet they’ll return to you when it go away.

3-Their body language is relaxed and calm when you’re here

We all know now that if your dog is super-happy to see you, it means they love you a lot! Yet, if your dog is bonded with you they are also feeling comfortable. After the first explosion of happiness at your coming, your dog most probably will settle down.

These are the most common types of relaxed and comfortable body language in your dog:

  • A little open mouth, with a relaxed, droopy tongue
  • Rolling over for a belly rub which means that they trust you
  • Smooth, calm facial expression
  • Blinking eyes
  • Side to side tail wagging
  • A “bow” to call and asks for play

A dog with rested body language that lays down and takes a nap next to you is showing you how much they trust you (and how much they like being near you, a different sign of a powerful bond).

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4-They carry your shoes around in their mouth

Dogs who are linked to their human friends are also very attached to their smell and may cuddle up with their property—particularly extra-dirty ones like clothes and shoes.

Think of it from a dog’s view: the smell is one of their essential ways of communication, and your things mean home, bond, and love.

Definitely, clothes- and shoe-cuddling is not always fine. If your dog stores your unclean clothes or ruins your pair of slippers, they might be showing signals of separation anxiety. Moreover, take it as a compliment! And invest in some dog hair tools and long-lasting chews.

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5-They listen when you speak and come when you call

If your dog is responsive, it means that he is very bonded with you. So, when he listens to you when you speak and obey your commands, it means they are very attached and bonded with you. Basic obedience training is a good way to strengthen your bond.

Recall, or coming when you call them, is one of the most significant hints for your dog to be responsive to in order to keep her safe in possible dangerous circumstances. However, it’s also a great way to develop the bond between you both. Best Friends Animal Society recommends that you “make it a party” every time your dog comes when you call them.

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6-They seek physical affection

New researches say that dogs may not be happy with “hugs,” yet that doesn’t mean they hate physical contact.

It’s between the most remarkable bonding activity you are able to engage with your dog. If your dog seeks out leans, pets, cuddles, and hugs, it’s a certain sign they’re bonded to you. And you can support your bond by spending quality time together with your dog every day, including lots of soft pets.

Of course, some breeds are less loving than others. However, they’ll show their bond with other signs listed above.

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7-Ways to improve the bond

If you read the list and still concerned, don’t be afraid: there are specific steps you can take to improve your bond with your dog. The easiest (and most fun) is to spend at least half an hour of concentrated, one-to-one time together each day. Walks, yard time, or watching TV together are not included. Your bonding time should be focused on and active.

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