Is your fabulous dog just quite too excited? Does he always want more play and exercise than he’s presently getting, yet you don’t know what to do exactly?

Probably, even the most dedicated dog owners usually say that they would like just a bit more relaxed at the end of the day.

So, we want our excited dogs to increase the joy of energetic daily life, then give relaxing owners in the nights.

So, what do you do to get that well-deserved relax time at the end of the day when living with a life of endless excitement?

Here are some amazing ways to tire your German Shepherd:

1. Running instead of walking!

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Dress up and put your running shoes on, and when you’re walking your dog at the park, run instead! It will be a great way to tire up your german shepherd and to have a good exercise for yourself as well.

2. Play fetch, always!

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Fetch is a fabulous way of tiring up your dog. It appeals to his essential instincts, Also, it means he will get to run a lot more spaces than you will actually walk with him.

Get a tennis ball or retrieving a toy and throw it for him. He will get more exercise, and also he will be more disposed to stay quiet and near you waiting for his next turn!

3. Teach him to jump

Find a safe way to teach him how to jump. It will be more useful than normal walks.

4. Take him for a swim

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Go for a dip, it’s a great way to change the walking and fetch exercises. He will be happier and it’s also a very good activity for older dogs.

5. Overcome agility obstacles

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Agility is an amazing practice and a real bonding activity for both of you. You also can buy a kit of agility in your garden rather than attending classes, try to do it by yourself!

6. Teach a new trick

Engaging your dog’s brain is another good way to concentrate on his eagerness. Try to teach him a new party trick, for example standing on two legs or spinning in a circle. It will be fun for both of you.

7. Play tug of war

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Many dogs like to play tug. Go to a pet shop, get and a rope toy, or you can even use an old towel. If he looks motivated at the beginning, try jiggling it around on the floor and fawning him into it. He possibly won’t need a lot of encouragement!

8. Doggy play dates

If your dog is a sociable animal, and most probably he is. Then, invite over your friend is a good way to tire him up. If your friend is a dog owner, even better! Go with your dog and your friend’s dog for a walk, it will be good for two reasons, exercising and making new friends.

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