Does your German Shepherd have a life of privilege, perhaps one far more blissful than yours? It would be time to agree that your dog is actually your BOSS.

Here are the signals:

1. Every now and then, you throw and fetch Because your German Shepherd discovered a bottle that is more preferable than a ball.

So who has to walk all the way across the park to give it back? You do as your German Shepherd is the boss.

2. You lay on their own bed.

3. Your German Shepherd has more clothes than you do

Your dog is the most fashionable one at the park and you always shop for the latest fashion trends.

4. Your German Shepherd gets between you and your computer

They just can not view you on it. They have to come through you. And, definitely, you allow this to happen.

5. They plan your weekends.

Dog walks, dog-friendly clubs, getting the food and treats, spend the night at home with the dog.

6. You go to the bathroom and you always have a companion

7. Everything is customized

Don’t you know who owns this bed, this bowl, or this too small hoodie, your pup’s name is on everything.

8. Your pup gets more Christmas gifts than your partner

9.  Firstly, your dog eats, then you eat

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