People and dogs have an interesting relationship, they can easily understand each other. This happens because they do love each other very much. We call dogs “Man’s best friend” and this has a reason, actually, 13 reasons! Here are 13 ways your german shepherd shows you love:

1-He loves to have a belly rub as a treat

German Shepherds love to get their bellies rubbed. They realize belly rubs from their owners as a treat! Some dogs do react stronger to food treats. However, if your dog is asking for attention, he will ask you to rub his belly as the most valuable gift.

2-He always prefers to spend his time with you

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People and their dogs can, on a regular level, understand each other’s emotional reactions. Also, dogs prefer to have enough time with people because dogs admire us. Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson writes in the book, Dogs Never Lie About Love, that “once a dog loves you, he loves you always, no matter what you do, no matter what happens, no matter how much time goes by.”.

3-He tries to follow your rules

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The dog itself wants to give out love.” Dogs, like people, seem to have many kinds of cleverness. Some show kindness. Others appear at communication. Yet others have an amazing memory. You may want your pup to be intelligent. But the New York Times notes that clever dogs are not always that fun to live with. So if your GS is excited to make you happy and usually obeys your rules, you know your dog does love you.

4-He raises his left eyebrow as you enter the room

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You’ve might have realized that your dog moves his tail, or turns his head when you enter the room he’s cheerful that he saw you. But scientists have found another exciting act. Dogs do not raise their eyebrows to express a positive expression. For example, they didn’t raise their eyebrows when they saw a treat or a toy. So the scientists found a result that the eyebrow lift most probably means “the dog’s attachment to the owner.”

5- They Bring You Their Toys

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When your dog gives you the toys that they love the most, they don’t just want to play—it’s also a sign for a deep love that they give your their favorite things as a gift. “sharing is caring!”

6- Hugging with you after a meal.

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In his book, How Dogs Love Us, Gregory Berns states that if your dog hugs with your after eating, it’s a significant sign of love. Dogs admire food, it’s their favorite thing ever, So, according to Berns, once a dog eats all of his food, his next behavior can refer what’s most significant to him after eating.


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Does your pup ever stretch out beside you and let out a long, happy sigh? Soft sounds like sighs and low groans are signals of comfort in dogs. If your dog cuddles up and sighs, it refers to feeling safe and comfortable with you.


When your dog rolls over and moves their tail, they’re expressing to you that they love you and trust you very much.

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Does your pup ever come near you and poke you with their nose? This can be a sign of love, your dog is trying to say “Hey, I like you!”  Nose-nudging is a popular way for puppies to get the attention they want. You’ll know your dog is trying to express to you their love and affection if the nose-poke is also with a gaze, or leads up to more body-contact.

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