Husky – All You Need To Know If You Want To Get A Husky


All u need  to know if u want to get a husky

Written by: Anastasia Spevakina
Siberian Husky is a breed with a very independent character, wishing to have a strong leader beside. Husky dogs are kind and friendly to both humans and dogs, although primitive instincts can make them run after passing cats or other animals. The owner should seriously deal with the training and education to be able to control the dog in any situation.
Husky will fit into a family, consisting of any number of people, as long as it this family gives the dog enough time for walking. The breed is very active and requires increased physical activity.

Care and maintenance
The complexity of care: low
Caring for the wool: low
How many times bathing: up to 2 times every half a year
Preferred conditions of life: in the yard
They can live in an apartment: yes, but require an active paddock
Lifespan: 12-15 years

Education and training
The complexity of education: average
Difficulty of training: above average
They can deal with a child starting with the age of: 12-15 years

The level of activity and paddock
The need for activity: require a lot of activity
Playfulness: very playful
Duration of walking: minimum of 2 hours a day
The intensity of walking: active games, running

Attitude to living beings
Strangers: good, friendly
Children living in the family: good
Pets: good to dogs

Purpose of the breed
The original purpose: sled dogs
Where it is used today: now Huskies are popular as companion dogs
Country: Russia
Date of breed origin: the beginning of the XX century
Price: starting from $ 200 up to $ 1000

Friendly and welcoming, even with strangers
Relatively high lifetime
Have enviable health
Get along well with other dogs
Bark quiet and rarely

Very stubborn and willful
Tend to lead
Have strong hunting instincts. It is hard to train huskies

Perfect choice for:
Strong spirit, active, mobile people
For families with little kids

Bad choice for:
Inactive,lazy or busy people
Weak, not persistent personalities

The character of the Siberian Husky is willful and stubborn. These dogs always have an opinion about what is happening, that’s why the owner needs to be persistent and always seek obedience from the pet.  To make it easier to control huskies, you should give them not only  serious training and education, but also high level of physical activities.  Thus, the dog will calm down, become docile, obedient and peaceful.
Huskies will perfectly fit into any family, even if there will be a lot of little children.
Dogs of this breed love to hunt on all small animals. But if you train the Husky well, it will be possible to control this unwanted behavior.
Huskies eat the same products as all other breeds do. The main question is dry or natural food? It’s not recommended to mix both of them. Dry food does not take as much time as the preparation of natural, but natural diet will allow you to control the amount and quality of products.

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