Top 10 smartest dog breeds in the world

smartest dog breeds

Top 10 smartest dog breeds in the world

by: Anastasia Spevakina
Border Collie
Border Collies are considered to be the smartest dog , because nature has awarded them with a high capacity for concentration. You can teach them anything you want in the record time. This breed represents very active dogs, and it’s very difficult for them to live in the apartment. They need space and constant activity. If you have a large house, the dog may become a member of your family. But hyperactive Border Collie will become a problem, if there are children in the house.

Poodle is a noble dog. Poodle coat is very specific, and it makes people, who suffer from allergy, choose this breed. Poodle takes the second place in the list of the smartest dog . They are good swimmers and able to save the drowning man.

German Shepherd
This is truly a fearless dog. You can teach him even more quickly than you expected. German Shepherd dogs get along with owners and their families, but guests and strangers need to be careful when dealing with this dog, because he always wants to protect his owner.

Golden retriever
It’s the most popular breed of dogs, because retrievers get along very well with people, and they are extremely full of love. Golden retrievers are easy to train, comparing to other breeds. They can live in almost all conditions, in apartments and houses.

Shelties are probably the most sensitive dogs on this list. They can understand the tone of human voice, and if the owner is rude with them, these dogs will just not respond to the commands. Shelties are very kind, and need the same kind owner. They are excellent in getting along with people and easily trainable.

Labrador retriever
Nature endowed these dogs with webbed paws, what makes them excellent swimmers. Labradors are not afraid of the cold and can adapt to almost all conditions of life. They are very friendly and can be a good choice, if you have a large family. Dogs of this breed get along with children very well and do not bite.

Papillons are small, but very energetic dogs. Feature of this breed is ears, which remind a butterfly. Papillons are easily trainable, but living in a confined space can give these dogs hard time.

Many of us believe that representatives of this breed are not smart enough, but it’s not true. You have to train these dogs very well. Otherwise, they will become absolutely uncontrollable, and their outstanding mind will give you not less outstanding tricks.

These dogs are brave and independent, but smart and manageable. Rottweilers are aggressive, belligerent toward other dogs. They live almost anywhere, even in an apartment, if you give the opportunity to expand the energy. Easily trained.

Australian Cattle Dog
A distinctive feature of the Australian Shepherd is exceptional intelligence. These dogs can quickly learn the commands. Excessive activity of these dogs can be tiring, because they always need to do something, play, jump and just have fun.

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