How to choose and raise a Siberian Husky

Written by: Anastasia Spevakina
Siberian Husky have very attractive appearance. Most people pay attention to a gorgeous appearance and cheerful character, but in fact, Siberian Husky can not be good pets for everyone. Of course, there are exceptions – dogs that will not leave their owners and will not attack the neighbor’s cat or rabbit, but you should always remember that such dogs as Huskies should be kept on a leash or in a safe place.
Siberian Huskies can be taught obedience, but these dogs will not be able to take first places in sport. They are quite different in mind. Huskies love people and get along well with other dogs, but most of all Husky puppies are irresistible, and you should think twice before you bring this dog home.
Having just one husky, you have to give him a lot of personal attention, because these dogs don’t like to be alone and will be waiting for you to come back from work for the whole day.

Unfortunately, Siberian Huskies are fighting with small dogs, because they are too similar to cats or rabbits. Therefore, Husky dogs need to be prepared  to meet the rare dogs.

Puppy or adult Siberian Husky ?
Most of the people are dreaming about a dog, wishing to buy just a little puppy, but, in spite of many advantages of such choice, buying an adult dog has its advantages as well. Siberian Huskies often go from one owner to another, because people poorly imagine the commitments that they have to assume, getting these dogs. Other reasons for regular changing of owners are moving to inappropriate for a dog place, birth of a child,etc. All of these reasons are not related to disadvantages of the dog. Taking an adult dog, you risk less to grow a completely different dog than was expected.
The main advantage of buying a puppy is that you can teach him your way of life from the beginning. But anyway you need to spend more time to make your puppy happy – to feed him, play with him and teach how to behave in the house.

Preparing house for the Siberian Husky
Each puppy and an adult dog needs a place and a bed.  Plastic bed with a mattress of nylon packing is the best choice, because these materials are the hardest for canine teeth. Traditional baskets and modern beds are easily broken, and dogs can swallow its pieces and damage the stomach.
Bowls for food and water must be made of metal, for the same security reasons. You will need a cell, especially to teach a puppy how to behave and get used to new pets.

Choosing a Siberian Husky  puppy
It is better to check puppies,when they are 4-6 weeks, because at this time you will be able to discuss with the breeder, which dog is right for you. Choosing the husky, it’s not so easy to choose “the best puppy in the pack.” Siberian Huskies change when they grow, and real maturity comes only after three years.

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