How to Cut Dogs Nails In Steps

Written by: Anastasia Spevakina
Each owner of a four-legged friend faced the problem of cutting his nails. We all know that we need to cut Dogs Nails  , but just few of us know how to do it in a right way.
Unlike humans, canine claws have completely different structure and specific features. If dogs spend a lot of time on the street, their claws are usually ground off by themselves. But not all dogs like to walk on streets, besides in winter claws can not be ground off because of snow.
First of all, you need to find out what part of the nail must be cut. The dog’s claw has a special blood vessel inside. This vessel grows with the horny claw cover, which is one of the reasons for the need to cut claws of dogs regularly. The faster you start cutting nails of your dog, the easier it will be for you and your pet.

The importance of  Dogs Nails cutting
If you don’t cut dogs’ nails,they can easily enter the skin, making the wound and bringing an infection.Not to mention the fact that nails bring severe discomfort to dogs, causing constant pain. Incorrectly growing nails can lead to problems with the skeleton and lameness in dogs.

Required tools
*Special scissors. In pet stores you can buy special scissors for claws of dogs. Don’t try to use ordinary scissors.
*Powder or flour in case of bleeding, in case you hurt the nerves or blood vessels.
*Nail File for claws of dogs. Nail scissors do not leave a good smooth nail every time, that’s why you need a nail file.
*Patience. Cutting dogs nails is worse than cutting nails of children. If you can explain to your kid why he needs it, the dog will not understand anything.

Few essential rules of nail cutting
Before you begin the procedure, you need to prepare a place and the dog. If it’s the first time for a puppy to have his nails cut, you have to be extremely patient and gentle. It’s better to constantly stroke the dog, carefully trimming claws. Try to distract the dog with something for him not to be afraid.
Before cutting you need to examine the dog’s nails. If it is white, you are very lucky. In white nails you can see blood vessels and nerve endings. If nails are black, you should ask the vet for help.

Useful tips
*Don’t be nervous or afraid, otherwise the dog will feel your fear and try to escape from nail cutting.
*The best time to cut dog’s nails is after the bath. Relaxed under warm water pets will not be able to resist.
*Don’t cut all nails at once, extend this procedure for few days.
*Before cutting nails of your dog, you need to carefully inspect and trim excess hair, otherwise nails cut can be harmful for pets. If you fail to trim claws correctly, the dog will always be afraid of this procedure.

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