How To Clean A Dogs Ears In  Easy Steps

Written by: Anastasia Spevakina
Ears are one of the major organs of dogs. There are dogs who do not have ears, because they were cut in childhood. Some breeds have cropped ears, but most of dogs have hanging or standing ears. And our duty is to know how to clean Dogs Ears , not harming them.
To prevent inflammation of ears, we have to monitor their state. Alert sings of infections, which can lead to bad consequences,are redness, dirt and odor from the ears. Daily inspection of ears can help to prevent development of ear diseases. All you need to do is just to look at your dog’s ears.

The main question is how often we have to clean the dogs ears ?
Depending on the breed and types of ears, it is recommended to carry out the procedure 1-2 times a week. If there is no sulfur in your pet’s ears,you don’t need to clean them at all. The shell of the ear is covered with hair, which should prevent the accumulation of dust, dirt, sulfur. With frequent cleaning, they are crushed and can’t function normally. That’s why cleaning of ears must be carried out, only when they are dirty.
Besides small hair in ears there can be long hair as well. They become weak and fall down into the ear canal. It is recommended to pluck long hair regularly. Don’t worry, this procedure is absolutely painless and even ticklish for dogs.
If the dog starts to shake his head and scratch ears, it means something is wrong. In such case you have to check ears of your pet and take him to a veterinary clinic.

Few tips how to clean your dogs ears
*Pink from inside and warm shell – only periodical examination;
*thick brown sulfur – needs to be removed by a napkin or any dry cloth;
*spikelets and mites – need to be removed with the help of tweezers;
*dog shakes his head after sleeping – you need to fill in his ears a special lotion and massage for few minutes;
*frequent scratching of ears, inclination of the head – a sign of a serious disease, it is necessary to contact a veterinarian

Tools for care of ears
To clean sulfur and other dirt in dog’s ears you can use special tools from a petstore or tools, which we all have at home.
*hygienic wipes for dogs. They are impregnated with special structures, non-irritating the ear’s shell and destroying the dirt;
*cotton swabs, which are also impregnated with special lotions;
*hygiene lotions: collect the dirt and destroy sulfur during ears’ massage;
*special powder – used for cleaning the ears of long-eared breeds, prevents the accumulation of dirt and development of different bacteria;
*gauze, hydrogen peroxide, baby lotion, and acetic acid may also be used for cleaning,but very carefully;
*cotton pads – they can gently and carefully remove sulfur and dirt and dry the ear.

!Use separate ear sticks, cotton pads and gauze for each ear not to transfer the infection from one ear to another.

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