Dog Training Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Common Dog Training Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Written by : Anastasia Spevakina
Proper training is the key to make your dog adequate, balanced and obedient. Practice shows that most of the owners make the same mistakes in educating dogs and here are some of them: 7 Dog Training Mistakes

Dog Training Mistakes 1. The lack of individual approach to dogs training
Many people train their dogs, without paying attention to behavior, age, breed and other characteristics, what leads to ignoring individual approach to the dogs. !Do not use the same training methods for excitable, bold and vicious dogs, and a calm, phlegmatic ones. All dog are different and need different approaches. Without an individual approach to the dogs in training, you will not achieve the effect of the work and will make the whole training useless.

Dog Training Mistakes 2. Repeated commands
Inexperienced owners often say the same command without any pauses. It looks like – “come here, sit,sit,sit. No, wait,where you go,sit” Without any pauses you will not give your dog the time to do the command, and the dog might think that when you give a command, he doesn’ have to do.

Dog Training Mistakes 3. Failure to do the commands
Every command must be performed. If your dog doesn’t do something from the first time, why would he do it from the second?
You have to be persistent, if you want your dog to learn the commands. BUT never punish dogs, when they come to you! Once the dog ran to you, forget it immediately. You don’t have to praise your dog, but don’t punish as well. Be flexible.

Dog Training Mistakes 4. Insufficient or excessive repetition of exercises
Repetition is the mother of learning. If you perform the exercises too rare and with long intervals, the dog may not remember it. Too lengthy and intensive trainings with a dog can be not effective as well, because the dog will be tired or bored. If the dog begins to yawn and look around,  give him time to relax and switch attention to something else.

Dog Training Mistakes 5. The same tone of commands, praising and prohibiting shouts
Giving the command, your voice must be clear, calm, a little sternly, and prompting to perform the desired action. Praise should be few degrees warmer and brighter emotionally.

Dog Training Mistakes 6. Inappropriate punishment
You can punish the dog, only when you catch him at the exact time of “crime”.  It is useless to punish dogs for a puddle in the house, when you return from work, and the puppy is peacefully sleeping  on the ground. In such case the dog will not understand what’s his fault and why his beloved owner starts being aggressive without any reasons.

Dog Training Mistakes 7. Excessive demands
Do not ask dogs everything at once. He will get used to the toilet and will not pick up rubbish from the floor. Everything will be as you want. Just wait and actively work on training.

Spend more time with your dog, play with him, keep going with training and don’t make such mistakes! The dog will appreciate the care, become a member of the pack and will be your best friend forever, if you will learn how to deal with him.

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